MedicoInfra Download

MedicoInfra Download.
Installation Instructions

Step-1 : Download the setup from “”.

Step-2 : Execute the “MedicoInfraSetup.exe”.

Step-3 : After Installation Registration window will appear (Figure-1).

Step-4.1 : If instead of registration window, a database configuration window (Figure-2appears then close the application and go to the installation directory.

Step-4.2 : Right click on DatabaseSetup.exe and execute exe with Admin permission.

Step-4.3 : Once installation is finished exe will automatically get closed.

Step-4.4 : Execute the ”MedicoInfra” application from windows start menu.

Step-5 : Register the Application with your Organization details.

Step-6 : Note :- Online connection is required to register the application.

Step-7 : Login with default Username(Admin) and default Password(Admin).(Figure-3).

Step-8 : Register at least one employee under “Admin Setting->Add/Update User” Tab and create User name and Password with user type Admin .

Step-9 : Note down the credentials . After creation of first Admin, previous login by default Username(Admin) and default Password(Admin) will no longer remain in use. It is advised to carefully note down the Admin username and password. Admin has all the rights for further user creation and password reset of users.

Step-10 : After Login Application will take some time to update product database.

Step-11 : Close the application once it is loaded.

Step-12 : Now the application can be used with login by created User Name and Password.

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